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Canada Critical Infrastructure
Targeted cyber attacks against critical infrastructure (CI) are increasing on a global scale. Despite the common misconception in Canada, Canadian CI operators are being targeted too. Increasingly so. Canadian government and its agencies tasked with cyber securing the critical infrastructure are making great strides recently, but, in my opinion, they still lack behind Canada’s peer countries.
Innovation in Canada
Canada’s rankings in innovation has lagged that of other peer nations for decades despite government efforts to address this issue. Considering its success in developing research programs at its universities and pioneering many of the emerging technologies currently transforming the world, its mediocre rankings overall in technology development is disappointing. Things appear to be turning around, however. New initiatives by government are encouraging not just R&D, but also the other steps needed to turn innovative ideas into innovative products. Most importantly, increased collaboration in technology fields are starting to move Canada forward in global leadership. We still have a long way to go, but we are at least now heading in the right direction.